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Conveyor is a mechanical system that functions to move goods from one place to another. Conveyors are widely used in industries for the transportation of goods that are very large and sustainable

Conveyor types

Gravity roller conveyor:
It is a conveyor that utilizes the gravitational force in its displacement, called a roller because in moving goods using a roller, not a belt, as we often encounter. This gravity roller conveyor is not always driven using the Earth's gravitational force, there are also those that are pushed or pulled.

Conveyor belt
This conveyor uses a belt in its transportation, usually in a set consisting of several layers, to tighten it using a drive pulley that can be sheared / pushed, Many benefits from this type of conveyor belt, including transporting goods in the form of cardboard, in the form of sacks, etc.

Wire mesh conveyors
This conveyor uses wire that is wired so that it is flexible and easily curved in the form of a roller or drive pulley at the end of the conveyor. As with other conveyor belts, this type of conveyor also functions to transport the load above it, the only difference is the material of the belt.

Plastic belt conveyors:
This conveyor belt (place of goods) is made of plastic woven, which is formed in such a way that it can follow the shape of the conveyor frame itself. This conveyor belt is often known as the conveyor module. The advantage of this type of belt is that it can be bent crooked, making it very flexible to turn - belokin.

Bucket conveyors
This one conveyor belt is in the form of a bucket, suitable for extreme vertical transfer of goods, and items to be moved in the form of seeds or in the form of granules.

Flexible conveyors
These conveyors are made in such a way that they can be moved - moved and can be bent according to necessity.

Vertical conveyors
This conveyor is made specifically to move items perpendicular to up or down.
Spiral conveyors:
An industrial conveyor with a spiral spring shape, and this spiral shape is used to move things in a narrow place.
Vibrating conveyors
Is an industrial conveyor that has a vibrating system installed on the drive
Pneumatic conveyors
This pneumatic conveyor is usually used to fill bulk material for packaging in the form of bags, such as cement, flour, etc. This conveyor works with the help of pneumatic.
Electric Track Vehicle Systems:
A process of transferring goods from one place to another by means of a lever system in the transfer of products
Lineshaft roller conveyor
Is a conveyor using shafts and usually for light applications
Automotive conveyors
This conveyor is made specifically to support the industry for automotive.
Overland conveyor
This conveyor is made specifically to be placed outdoors, usually used for the mining industry, and the distance is usually far away because it is intended to move mining goods from the mining area to the location of the processing plant.
Drag Conveyor
Is a conveyor with a drawn system, for example for washing waste
Chain conveyor
Is a series of conveyors where as carriers of goods using chains, suitable for heavy industrial goods.
Screw conveyor:
Is a tool that functions to move goods using screws, usually this tool is closed.
Chain driven live roller conveyor
Is a conveyor where the drive roller is a chain that moves the roller
Dust proof conveyors
Is a conveyor that is specifically designed to be resistant to dust and usually for applications that need to be sterile from any dirt.
Pharmaceutical conveyors
Conveyors designed specifically for the pharmaceutical industry.
Cooling Conveyor
An industrial conveyor equipped with a cooling system to cool the products that pass through it.


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