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Bag Filter

Bag filter is a tool to separate dry particles from the gas (air). In the filter bag, the dirty gas flow will enter particles into several filter loops (also called bags or cloth bags) that line parallel, and leave dust on the filter. The flow of dust and gas in the filter bag can pass through the fabric (fabric) in all directions. Dust particles are stuck on the dirty side of the fabric, while clean gas will pass through the clean side of the fabric. The concentration of inlet particles Filter bag is between 100 μg / m3 - 1 kg / m3. Dust is periodically set aside from the bag by shaking or using inverse air flow, so that it can be said that the filter bag is a device that receives gas containing dust, filters it, collects dust in a bag house, and removes clean gas into the atmosphere.

Filter bag has different material, shape, size, accesoris and model depending on the design of the maker following the capacity of the dust collector.

Bag filters have various kinds of matrial fabric which are different depending on the type of dust and tempratur which will be filtered including:

1. Polypropylene (PP);

2. Polyacrylnitrile copolymer (AC);

3. Homopolymer Polyacrylnitrile (DT);

4. Polyester (PE);

5. Polyphenylensulfide (PPS);

6. m - Aramide (Nomex);

7. Polyimide (PI / P84);

8. Polytetrafluorethlyene (PTFE);

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