CV. Saut Jaya Environment

Air Filter

Air Filter The air filter is intended for those who come out on the chimney or stack, so as not to be released into the environment so that only clean air comes out of the chimney. The air filter installed must be constantly observed (controlled), if it is saturated (already full of ash / dust) must be replaced immediately with a new one. The type of air filter used depends on the nature of the exhaust gas that comes out of the industrial process, whether it has a lot of dust, is acidic or alkaline and so on. The main function of the air filter is to filter the air that will enter the combustion chamber (used for the combustion process). This tool is made of material that can capture particulate matter so that the air passing through it will be filtered and come out as clean air (free of particulate matter). Air filters can be used in the ventilation of rooms or buildings, machines or factory chimneys, motorized vehicle engines, or in areas others who need clean air.

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