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filter bag anti static water resistance
filter bag anti static water resistance
filter bag anti static water resistance
filter bag anti static water resistance
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Specification of

Bag Filter

Filter Bag PE anti static water resistance filter is a filter-shaped air filter that serves to filter the dust and dirt also filter the production of flour, wood powder and other matrial that has special characteristics of the line box or straight line in the filter cloth. This anti static water bag filter is intended for flammable / dust exploition and contains oil or water.
Matrial Polyester in this bag filter survives at temperature or temprature 150 C.

Polyester filter bag there are several kinds, the selection of material matrial on the filter bag depends on the dust and temprature to be filtered,

Standard polyester filter bag (PE) is used for relatively dry, not wet, or damp dust.

Filter bag polyester Water and oil Repellent (PE WR) is used for dust containing water, moisture, or oil. the use of filter bag made from water and oil is very helpful self cleaning process on the dust collector machine that is not easy to stick and easily fall when the cleaning because of damp and wet dust easily attached to the filter bag that causes a dead end if not using water and oil repellent or waterproof.

anti static polyester filter bag (PE AS), anti-static matrial selection is used for combustible dust due to friction between dust transferred from suction point to dust collector / bag house. matrial selection of the material is perfect for combustible dust.

Filter anti static water and oil repellent (PE ASWR), matrial anti repellent water repellent material is suitable for combustible and oily dust like coal dust, carbon actives etc.

we make and sell filter bag for dust collector as needed.

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