Bag Filter PTFE 750 WR polytetrafluoroethylene ( Teflon )

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04 May 2023
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Bag Filter

Specification of Bag Filter PTFE 750 WR polytetrafluoroethylene ( Teflon )

Bag Filter
PTFE Filter Bag is a filter bag in the form of an air filter bag that functions to filter dust and dirt as well as filter production products in the form of flour, sawdust and liquid.
The PTFE material in this filter bag can withstand a temperature of 300 C.
There are several types of PTFE filter bags, the selection of material in the filter bag depends on the dust and temperature to be filtered,
Standard PTFE bag filters are used for relatively dry, not wet or damp dust.
The PTFE Water and Oil Repellent (PTFE WR) filter bag is used for dust containing water, moisture, or oil. the use of a filter bag made from water and oil is very helpful for the self-cleaning process on the dust collector machine so that it is not easy to stick and easy to fall when cleaning occurs because damp and wet dust easily sticks to the filter bag which causes it to quickly get stuck if you don't use water and oil. repellent or water repellent.
We make and sell filter bags for dust collectors according to your needs.
Some Material Filter bags include:
* Polyester, Antistatic Polyester, Polyester Liquid
* Polypropylene, Acrylic
* Aroma Aramid (Nomex)
* Teflon (PTFE)
* Ryton (Polypropylene Sulfide)
* Aromatic Polyamide (P-84)
* Woven Polyester (Woven Fabric)
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