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Specification of Spunbond non Woven

Spunbond Fabric

Spunbond fabric is a fabric made from long fibers, processed using chemical processing technology that is environmentally friendly. Through complicated mechanical techniques and regulated heating and perfect material mixing processes, long layers of fiber are formed. This process is usually carried out in every textile manufacturing industry to produce good spunbond fabrics.

From the results of the initial process, the basic material of the spunbond or non woven fabric is still classified as very fragile, so that the next process is needed by compacting the two parts of the net into one pressed by the top base and bottom base. The main advantage of spunbond fabric is the speed of the fabric production process which is much faster compared to the production of knitted or other woven fabrics. This can save production costs far lower. So the selling price will be cheaper.

The stages of the process of making non woven fabric:
Broadly speaking, there are three stages of the process, namely:

- Web formation process, this method can be done by using two methods, namely the dry-laid and wet-laid method or fiber into fabric, and the spun melt or polymer method into fabric.

- web bonding process,

- The process of finishing treatments

Non woven spunbond is a fabric that is commonly used to replace plastics and paper which are often used for filters, health masks, shooping bags, goodie bags, souvenirs etc. spunbond material is hygienic material, this material is used in the world of health, namely for the manufacture of masks, headgear and disposable pampers. This fabric selection is based on its environmentally friendly nature because this material can be recycled. We use this material a lot as shooping bags are very popular because the use of plastic has begun to be limited.

This non woven spunbond is made by mechanical, thermal or chemical processes. spunbond or other terms polypropylene is a non woven fabric which generally has a slightly stiff textured, smooth and tight fibrous, so it is quite strong. This spundbon fabric has thicknesses varying from 15 gsm, 20 gsm, 40 gsm, 50 gsm, 70 gsm, 100 gsm, 150 gsm, 300 gsm, depending on gram requirements. The greater the thickness, the spundbon cloth is getting thicker and stronger.
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